Png to Animated Gif Converter

Png to Animated Gif Converter Main Screenshot

One issue I came into during the development of this website was the creation of animated .gif files derived from a series of rendered .png files generated by Blender 3D. In order to preserve the transparency in each frame it meant having to convert each .png frame into a .gif one by one before compiling them together in a single animated .gif file. This software removes that labourious process by enabling the direct conversion of a batch of .png files with transparency and/or translucency into a single animated .gif with transparency. All other software I have used for this purpose appears to be unable to convert png transparency/translusency directly to gif transparency in a batch process with an animated gif as a result thus making this software a first, to my knowledge. This software will be a very useful utility for web design as it will vastly increase the speed of rasterizing web-safe 3D animations over the manual frame-by-frame conversion approach that I had previously used.

The software now performs its primary purpose of converting pngs to an animated transparent gif. V0.1 will include the remaining bug fixes for the transparency. V0.2, if released, will include support for handling png translucency.

Png to Animated Gif Converter Screentshot

Once the batch of images has been compiled into a gif in a temporary folder the user will be presented with a preview of the resulting animated gif. From this they can choose whether or not they would like to save the image. Two bugs still remain with the transparency encoding unfortunately:

  1. If any of the pngs contain visible black or a colour that is quantized to black in the encoding (a colour similar to black) those parts of the images will become transparent as this is currently the assumed transparency key colour
  2. The bottom-right pixel of the gif appears to cycle through an array of colours - the cause of this bug is currently unknown!

A download of the current version is available below - complete with some unusual sound effects!