Scale and Chord Finder (Console)

Scale and Chord Finder (Console) Main Screenshot

This is a working prototype of my Scale and Chord Finder application which will ultimately have a GUI and be MIDI-controllable. The application in this form is console-based and was implemented to test the functionality of the underlying class libraries and to allow sooner personal use of the tool in my own music productions.

Scale and Chord Finder (Console) Screentshot

The concept behind this application is to aid a musician in finding structure to his/her musical ideas. Specifically, if the musician has composed a riff of a few different notes but is having difficulty adding more notes into the piece without creating unwanted disonance then this tool is here to help! The musician inputs the notes he/she has decided on using and in turn a list of compatible scales for those notes are returned. As a further aid, the musician can opt to have listed the chords compatible with any degree of the scale he/she decides to use.

This is the console version of the application and thus only accepts computer keyboard input. However, I have plans to develop and release a version with a GUI and a MIDI interface allowing for a more intuitive and fluid experience using a MIDI keyboard. There is also the possibility of extending this application to become a VST and generate MIDI output (perhaps for auto-harmonization purposes).

A recent change to this software means that the scale results are listed by order of root note as opposed to scale type. The motivation behind this is that if the musician know the root note of the piece then he/she will not want to have to filter through resulting scales rooted on other notes.

Another recent update to this software means that Chromatic scales are no longer returned in the results (since they will always be returned anyway) and the available scales now include Phrygian Major and Phrygian Major-Minor.