Welcome to Sphynx-Alluro

Hello, this is Matt Arnold, C# Software Developer. This is a site dedicated to my personal and professional work. It is intended as a promotional tool to entice potential new employers by means of demonstrating my knowledge and skills in ways which a CV cannot.

I am currently employed as a C# analyst developer in a law firm but am looking to extend my skillset to the realm of the PC desktop gaming industry. I have taken it upon myself to learn 3D modelling, linear algebra, sound production and composition techniques and gaming frameworks such as XNA. Whilst I still have much to learn, my passion drives me and ultimately I would like to release a game of my own. If you're a games development company and looking to take someone on with a keen attitude towards learning and a mind geared towrds logical and creative thought then please contact me via the details on the Contact tab. You can obtain a copy of my CV here.

On this site you will find details of my previous, current and planned C# projects. Details include:

  • Project purpose
  • Technologies used
  • Application screenshots
  • Downloadable samples